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College Buildings Alterations


The Main FNC College Building at Broadwater is currently undergoing a major set of alterations which centre on the Gym which is now being converted into a new and larger Library & Resource Centre.


A new (the first proper) Multi Floor Lift is being installed - so we won't have the problems faced by our wheel-chair bound colleagues at the 2010 Innaugural Reunion.


Captain Carruthers' old boat store in the basement of the rear section is also being changed into something else.


The work is scheduled to complete prior to the 2012 Reunion - so hopefully there will be some new facilities for us to see wehn we visit Saturday 22 September 2012.


A new Marine Engineering course is to start and in readiness for that a "virtual" ship's engine room is being installed as part of the refurbishment - with engine and generator sounds and all!










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Img 001: Gym front view during construction
Img002: Gym side view during construction
Img005: Capt Carruthers' Boat W/Shop undergoing remodelling to something else. How many reccall working on his boat on Wednesday aftrennons?
Img004: Rear view of the back section of the Main Building with Capt Carruthres' Boat W/Shop on left hand corner.
Img 003: Front view of Main Building with Gym remodelling work and the Yardarm to rhs.

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College Building Work Commenced 2011 and is planned to complete by mid-2012