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Here are some photos from or connected to the College over the years. Most of the B&W posed Photos on this page were taken by local Professional Photographer: Peter Horsley


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Img 037: Front Row l-r: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

2nd Row: Dave Larter(rip), Bob White, Arthur Bill, Ray Pilgrim, Hughie McGurk, John Creasey, Peter Cuffe(rip) & Jack Howarth.

3rd Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?, Ted Hackett (rip), ?.

4th Row: ?,?,?,?,?,John Holmes, ?,?.

5th Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?, Don Bee(rip).

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Img034: l-r Send names to fncitems@gmail.com








Img034: l-r Send names to fncitems@gmail.com

Looks like Capt. Carruthers' signature!





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Fleetwood Nautical College

Students' & Staff Association

Times Past 1 - Photo Gallery & Memorabilia

img001.Front l-r: Barry Carr, Brian Dodd?, Neville "Abu" Watson, Steve Musgrave, John Bonner(rip), Ray Pilgrim, John Moss.

Back l-r: ?, ?, ?, Sean Henry, Mike Croft. Photo: Peter Horsley

img002. Back l-r: Michael D O'Dea, Richard Twum(Ghana), Peter C Hills, Kevin B Halliwell, Michael Cartwright, James Henry Clarke.

Front l-r: ?, ?, ?, Peter Smith, ?, ?, David "Willie" Wilson.

Img003 1968 Front l-r: ?, ?, ?, Alan "Olly" Ollerton, Pat Shaw, Dougie Stott, Steve Hunt, ?, ?.

Back: l-r: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Img004 Front l-r:Kevin Haliwell, ?, Steve Musgrave, Neville "Abu" Watson, Mick Goggin, Tony(mod from Southport)?.

Back l-r: ?, Frank Pook, Mick Lockett(Oldham), ?, ?.

Img004a Open Day (Broadwater's 1st) 1968 showing l-r Student James Henry Clarke, Fiance Susan Dixon & Lecturer Hugh McGurk demonstrating the Oceanspan Transmitter

Img005: l-r: Ray Harrop and anyone put names to these faces? Replies to e-mail fncitems@gmail.com.

Img006:Can you put names to these faces? Replies to e-mail: fncitems@gmail.com
 Img008: l-r Pete "Sooty" Sutcliffe and Steve "Lamby" Lamb. 
Img010: Can you put a name to this face? Replies to e-mail: fncitems@gmail.com
Img011: Can you put a names to these? Replies to e-mail: fncitems@gmail.com Steve "Lamby" says l-r: Greg Simmons(Accrington) & John Quine (IOM).
Img012: l-r Pete "Sooty" Sutcliffe and Steve Lamb.
Img013 Can you put a names to the heads - besides Steve Musgrave? Replies to e-mail: fncitems@gmail.com
Img014: Can you put a names to these heads? Replies to e-mail: fncitems@gmail.com. Steve "Lamby" says front row l-r Geoff Barlow, Pete Sutcliffe; back row l-r Charlie Balshaw(Blackburn), Greg Simmons & ?. 
Img 015: l-r Francis "Franny" Glynn (Manchester)
Img016: We all know who this is - don't we? Steve Musgrave showing-off!
Img017: l-r Francis "Franny" Glynn & Steve Lamb
Img018: The same Steve Lamb some 40 years later posing in The Tower of London (head intact).
Img019: MV Lancastrian - training vessel.
Img020: MV Lancastrian
Img021: MV Lancastrian's Radio & Radar Installation
Img022: Capt Carruthers' Boat Workshop. Names anyone?
Img023: l-r ?, Ray Pilgrim & ?. Names anyone?
Img024: Send names l-r to fncitems@gmail.com
Img025: Front Jem Burrow, behind him Paul Lusted, behind him Dave Wright, Paul Haslam, behind him Dave Whiteside, left of Paul Lusted, Behind Dave Whiteside is John Edkins.Send names to fncitems@gmail.com
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Img028: Send names l-r to fncitems@gmail.com
Img029: l-r John Laughland, ?, ?, ?, Ray Pilgrim, R. Bisby & Don Bee(rip) (front).
Img030: l-r Send names to fncitems@gmail.com
Img 031:Left-Brian Moore, Centre-Neil Robertson. right  ?. Send names to fncitems@gmail.com
Img 031:Left-Brian Moore, Centre-Neil Robertson. l+r ? Send names to fncitems@gmail.com
Img032 l-r Send names to fncitems@gmail.com
Img033: l-r 2nd desk rhs Bob Byrne, lhs Graham Allison, ?, ?, ? Send names to fncitems@gmail.com

Img036: l-r Front: John Creasey. Ted Hackett(rip), Jerry Lane, ?, ?, ?.

2nd Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

3rd Row: Ian Hacking, Ray Pilgrim,?, ?,Lynn Dutch, ?, John Finch (rip), Jack Howarth. (behind Jack: ?,?.)

4th Row: Don Bee,John Holmes,?,?,?,?, Peter Wolstencroft, Neville Watson, ?.

5th Row: Pat Shaw, ?, Bob White, ?,?,?,?,?.

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Img035: l-r Chris Shill, Tony Zak, Rod Laycock & John Fitton (rear).

Courtesy of www.gracesguide.co.uk

Img040: Front Row ?, ?, Yvonne Hosker, Neville Watson, Judy?, ?.
Img 039: Centre Row l-r: Steve Musgrave, Ted Hackett(rip),Ray Pilgrim, John Holmes, Peter Cuffe(rip), Jack Howarth. If you recognise the others please e-mail: fncitems@gmail.com.
Img 038: Front Row l-r: ?, Ted Hackett(rip), Ray Pilgrim, Don Bee(rip), ?.
There are more photos overleaf on next page "Times Past 2 - so click link to see them. As always please send-in names.