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Here are some photos from or connected to the College over the years.


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Fleetwood Nautical College

Students' & Staff Association

Times Past-2 - Photo Gallery & Memorabilia - Times Past

img042.Class 1c 1968. Front l-r: Stevenson, D.Walters, Ian Johnson, Don Bee (rip), Keith Walsh, Tim Ferguson-Service/D.Young(?), David Bell (Ball).

Back l-r: Alan Thursby, David Wade, N.Lovell, John Kynaston, John Redman, Stephen Yates, Stephen Perkin, S.Mulligan, Tom Smith, John Shuttleworth, Trevor Reeve. 

Photo: Group E October 1968. Photographer:Peter Horsley.

img043. Full College Group B October 1968. Front (seated) l-r: Dick Crookhall, Ian Smith, Steve Hunt, Maureen O'Brien, Pat Shaw, H. Beadle, Ray Pilgrim, Don Bee, Neil Robertson, S. Clifton, John Holmes,  Peter Smith, John Laughland, Bill Carruthers, Roger Scholes, Maurice Wilson, John Bonner, Steve Musgrave, Alan. Davies, Hugh McGurk, Neville Watson, Peter Woodworth, Alan Ollerton, D. Stott, Elsie Packer, & Lynda Morgan. Amongst those standing (not in order) are: Iain Jenkins, Neil Moorhouse, Christopher Green, Stuart Morris, Christopher Webster, Peter Heaps, David Nelson, Philip mTennant, Andrew Hardistey, Michael Croft, Brian Dodd, Rodney Tapp, Shaun Henry, Stephen Gilmour, Reginald Lowe, Barry Carr, Norman Blade, Michael Whitbread, Peter Taylor, Anthony Hargreaves, Richard Twum, Andrew Kershaw, Peter Fort, Jim Hill, James Henry Clarke, George Rutherford, Martin Crosley, Kevin BisbyChris Hague, Christopher Rollinson, Michael O'Dea, Frank Preston, Christopher Bury, John Wrigley, Terry Holt, David Wild, David Ball, Adrian Blampied, David Neal, Roger Fazackerley, Thomas Fazackerley, Melvyn Jamieson, Raymond Harrop, Michael Kay, James Pointon, William Winton, Donald Helm, Alan Tattersall, Graham Boyle, Robert Clement, Robert Ainsworth, David Wilson & Max Green. Where are they all now? Please advise us of any names you know and their contact info. Photographer: Peter Horsley. 

Img044 1968 Front l-r: ?, ?, ?, Alan Davies, ?, ?, ?.

Back: l-r: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. Can you fill-in the missing names & help us make contact with former students or staff?

Photo Group F October 1968. Photographer Peter Horsley.

Img045: Front l-r: ?, ?, , Hugh McGurk, ?, ?, ?.

Rear l-r: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Chris Bury, Kevin Bisby, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.and anyone put names to these faces? Replies to e:fncitems@gmail.com.

Photo Group G October 1968. Photographer Peter Horsley.

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Can you put a names to any of the faces in these photos? Please send any info you hve by replying to e-mail: fncitems@gmail.com 


Also, please pass-on the details of this webiste and the Association to anyone whom you know studied or worked at Fleetwood Nautical Colege, its predecessor Fleetwood Navigtion School or its successor Fleetwood Nautical Campus.