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Fleetwood Nautical College Students' & Staff Association

The Second Reunion held 22 September 2012

Do you have any photos from the 2nd Reunion that you would like to share?   If so please e-mail them to: fncitems@gmail.com. See also our www.Facebook/FleetwoodNauticalCollegeAssociation page.

HoN Tony Dumbell taking us safely into Sydney Harbour - the Sydney Harbour Bridge dead-ahead - using the Bridge Simulator.

What a realistic experience! You would think you were actually aboard ship it is so impressive. When he "whipped-up" a storm and the ship went into a roll we found ourselves bracing ourselves and leaning against the direction of the roll - it is that realistic. 


The College Tour: This photo shows all those who attended the Broadwater site and spent the Saturday afternoon on guided tours of the different aspects of the College as it is now - much improved from former times and of course with technology enabling very realistic simulation of most things - whereas in the past other methods had to be used.  There were quite a number who skipped this part of the Reunion but who attended the evening event - the Dinner Dance at The North Euston Hotel. They sure missed a very interesting series of guided tours kindly provided by HoC John Matthews & HoN Tony Dumbell.

What an amazing reception at the Broadwater Campus with a genuine Scottish Piper (Engineering Cadet Clarke - no relation) on hand to pipe us all in. The guided tours by Tony Dumbell and John Matthews were very interesting and entertaining and we all witnessed how our old College is moving ahead with the times - going from strength to strength.  The extensive refurbishments and re-modelling of the building were virtually complete when we arrived and on passing-by in February 2013 I noted that the contractors had vacated the site. The new dark-grey colour of the buildings is very effective and purposeful.


The new Engine Room/Control Room Simulator was something to see and hear (yes! it even had true engine and mechanical noises) and Tony Dumbell offered to put an oily rag in the air-con outlet to add the true nasal ambience of a ship's engine room.

The Second Reunion held 22 September 2012

Part I: At  Broadwater

HoC John Matthews explaining how the Helicopter Cabin simulator works. The subjects undergoing test sit inside and are strapped-in whilst the simulator is lowered into the deep water and then when completely submerged it is rotated into an upside-down orientation after which the subjects are expected to free themselves and ascend to the pool surface. They do not have oxygen during the test. One William Cambridge/Windsor has completed his tests at FNC in recent years for his RAF pilot role.