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As the Saturday programme on the previous page shows we will also have a great afternoon at the Broadwater Campus from 12 noon to 4.30pm where we will all have a unique opportunity to hear how the College has developed since we studied there as well as being treated to 3 different tours of the impressive facilities and the remodelled College buildings which have undergone a multi-million refurbishment that almost constituted a re-build. Registration at the College will begin at 12 noon. Welcome address is at 1pm.


Live demonstrations of the Bridge Simulator, which all who attended the 1st Reunion in 2010 agreed was an amazing experience, will have you convinced that you are really aborad ship and actually entering Liverpool Port (or any one of a selection of major ports world-wide). Last time many of found ourselves leaning to the left and then the right as we apparently rode the waves of what was in reality a simulated sea. It was quite an experience and one not to be missed.


The Off-Shore Survival Pool is also an impressive feature of one of the 3 tours and we will all be able to see where Prince William carried out his SOLAS training and where he does his refresher courses. With its Helicopter Cab Simulator we can see how those who might have to ditch in the ocean learn how to get out of and surface from a sinking helicopter that bhad turned upside down.


2012 will be the first outing for the very latest technological installation at the College in that the new Engine Room Simulator will also provide a most interesting tour which I believe will even provide the noise and vibrations of a typical marine engine as it is started and run-up - all without an oily rag in sight.


Then after checking-in to our accommodation it is a 5.30pm gathering at The North Euston Hotel for pre-dinner drinks and a chat with friends old and new and checking the display-board in the hotel foyer to find your table for the four course dinner to follow in the hotel's impressive Ballroom. This is also where you can pre-oder wines for delivery to your table; there will be a staffed wine table set-up in the foyer so that you can have your wine choice ready and waiting on your tabe for when you commence your meal.


Six o'clock and we should all be seated at our tables looking forward to a tasty 4 course plus coffee & mints dinner. Please note that in order for the waiters to get the right choice to you (you will be asked before 22 September to choose your selections from the 4 courses when you will have received a copy of the dinner menu) it is essential that you do not change tables or places - since each waiter will have a set number of tables assigned to them and they will have the names and menu choices of the occupants of those tables in advance.  There will be plenty of opportunities to meet-up with your old friends after the dinner during the post-dinner musical entertainment and dancing.


Nine o'clock and the musical entertainment and dancing should commence and hopefully the wide selection music from the 50's to the 90's will suit everyone's taste and leave none with an excuse for not joining-in. Remember, this is not Strictly Come Dancing and we are all happy to let our hair down (thta is those of us who have any) since we will be among friends and we can really relax.



Fleetwood Nautical College

Students' & Staff Association


The Social Venue for the 2012 Reunion & 120th Anniversary Celebrations is The North Euston Hotel

A fitting venue in a fine location

The magnificent Ballroom of the The North Euston Hotel is an appropriate venue for us to hold the 2nd Reunion as well as to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the foundation of our College way back in 1892 when it was known as Fleetwood Navigation School.


With its impressive ornate decorated ceiling and modern chandeliers it certainly befits an important occasion such as our celebrations demand.


With the extra space afforded we will certainly have more elbow room to enjoy the tasty menu which the kitchen staff offer for our delectation.


A well stocked bar at the end of the ballroom with a wine list to match means that none of us should go thirsty.


After dinner what better way to work-off those extra calories than to join in the fun by dancing the night away to a well chosen selection of music from the 1950s right through the 1990s - the emphasis always being on getting everyone up on the floor.


Although the formality will be kept to a minimum we will ask our distinguished guest Head of Campus Capt. John Matthews, who will be accompanied by his partner, to deliver a short talk on our alma mater Fleetwood Nautical College and its predecessors from its earliest days in 1892 when nit was first established.


So, why not make The North Euston Hotel the place for you to enjoy a great day, or even a weekend 22/09/12?