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What Next - Reunion-wise?

We have now held three successful Reunions at 2 year intervals from the first event in 2010, second event in 2012 and the third event 2014.


Everything has its time and place and just because we have held Reunions at 2 year intervals does not necessarily mean that the next one should be in 2016.

Rather it is now opportune to ask the questions:


  1. Is there sufficient demand and commitment to hold a   4th Reunion?
  2. If YES: when should that be held?
  3. What format should that event take?
  4. How important is the College element of future Reunions?
  5. Who should do the organising? Are there volunteers?
  6. Where should the event be held?


It will be 125 years since the founding of the College (its predecessor Fleetwood Fishing School & subsequently renamed Fleetwood Navigation School) in 2017.


Would 2017 be an appropriate time for us to join-in with whatever celebrations might be planned by the College?


Your ideas and suggestions are now badly needed. If you wish to attend a future Reunion event and are prepared to make firm commitments at least 12 months in advance then please respond via e-mail with your answers to questions 2 to 6 as listed above. Please indicate how many tickets/persons would be involved. Send your responses  with full name & contact details to: fleetwoodnc@gmail.com or if you prefer to write:

James Henry Clarke, Voluntary Organiser, 29 Sisial y Môr, Rhosneigr, Isle of Anglesey, Wales, LL64 5XB, UK.


Whatever your opinions please reply soon since venues have to be reserved and booked up to 2 years in advance.


Fleetwood Nautical College Students' & Staff Association