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Welcome to this website which has been established by the Association to help communicate with and bring present and former & present students and staff of Fleetwood Nautical  College and its predecessor Fleetwood Navigation School together. The website is independent of the College but aims to work closely with the College for the mutual benefit of both the Association and the College. 


Here you will be able to keep abreast of Association events such as Reunions and other get-togethers as well as read the latest news about the College and its many former and present students and staff. In fact, it is hoped that you will provide items that could form the basis of interesting articles to be published here. To send us your items please e-mail us at:


 To register as a Member of The Association (no charge) send your name, postal & e-mail addresses, phone number(s) and dates you attended or worked at Fleetwood Nautical College/Navigation School to: or mail these to the address: FNCS&SA 29 Sisial y Môr, Rhosneigr, Isle of Anglesey, Wales, LL64 5XB, UK


The College Main Campus site at Broadwater has undergone major renovation and alteration work (see Chapter 8 ) which now provides better facilities for both staff and students. We saw the results on our 2012 Reunion visit. Included is a new Marine Engine Simulator for a new marine engineering course.


The Story So Far:

11 September 2010 saw the Inaugural Reunion get-together for students and staff organised by this Association and it was a very successful occasion at which 80 guests enjoyed a half day tour of the College followed by an evening Dinner & Dance at Fleetwood Golf Club which included a 5 Course Gourmet Dinner and live music for dancing. Guests travelled from as far afield as New Jersey, USA and Ontario, Canada.


The 2nd Reunion & 120th Anniversary celebrations took place on 22 September 2012 and more details have been posted on our Facebook page with photos: Will the long-distance record of attendance by George Rutherford from Japan be beaten in 2014?


The 3rd Reuniontook place on 13/09/14. 58 attended and by feedback volunteered many enjoyed a good time -- some wishing already to book for the next Reunion.


The future and frequency of Reunions is now dependant on (1) You and (2) The College. (1): How many people are prepared to book tickets well in advance so that the venues (the College and the North Euston Hotel) can be reserved. The North Euston Hotel Ballroom is often booked up to 2 years ahead. The College is becoming increasingly busy with commercial bookings that now span weekends. This makes it difficult to make firm commitments which can be honoured - since income stream generation naturally has to take precedence. You might say that the College is a victim of its own success in that regard. More on P2 and a request for you to advise what you wish to have and how often - that is Reunions of course (naughty! naughty!). RSVP.


Your ideas and suggestions please -  contact via e-mail:



This site is YOUR's - so why not submit your News and Articles.

This Site is Developing - and is Growing.

All Past Students & Staff of FNC are invited to submit their contributions, reminiscences & stories from FNC & subsequent career at sea and elsewhere. Send text & photos to  




1. Introduction (HOME)

2. What next: Reunion-wise?

3. Report from 3rd Reunion 2014

4. Report from 2nd Reunion 2012

5. 2012 Social Venue 

6. Report from 1st 2010 Reunion

7. Photos-2010 Reunion

7a-7g. Photos - 2012 Reunion

8.Times Past -Photo Gallery(*)

9.College Building Works

10.Former Staff Photos - Today

11.Obituaries (updated April 2014)

12.Message Board

13.Your Recollections(*)

14.Honours & Awards

15.Len Preston r.i.p.

16.How to Survive a Heart  Attack Alone

*updated 22/12/13

Can you fill in the names of those in the photos shown on Section 8 - Times Past?


mv Lancastria: Request for information on its origins and ownership has been received from current Scottish owners.


In Memoriam

Tom Ireland

Ted Hackett

Len Preston

Jean Pilgrim

Kate Ollerton

Roger Scholes

Richard Rhimes

John Finch: 

John Bonner

Peter Paul Cuffe

David Larter

Lawrence Rivers-Bland

Don Bee

Frank Martland

Bill Carruthers

See obituaries for the above Ch10



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